The Science of Adaptation

We know that the more you do, the better you get. Every single time. And we understand the science of adaptation – how we can expect our bodies to change when we train.

Imagine yourself in a room with twenty people. Let’s pretend that everyone was asked to write the poem “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and put it in a basket without signing it. Could you pick out your paper from the bunch if it didn’t have your name on it? Would you be able to see your work? Of course you could – you recognize your handwriting! 

Now think back to when you first learned to write in Kindergarten. The teacher handed out those clunky pencils and you wrote on wide lined paper, copying letters as best as you could and shaking out your hand when the “writer’s cramp” made you stop for a minute. Do you remember when the teacher said, “Now we’ll do sentences!” – yikes!

Your handwriting is the result of the way you’ve trained the muscles in your hand to work. We’re pretty sure your handwriting hasn’t changed much in the last several years. Or the last few decades. There was a time when it was changing all the time. You could see it on the worksheets and book reports you brought home every day.  These days, the only time many of us get in the neighborhood of  a “writer’s cramp” is when we write out holiday greetings or a batch of thank you notes!

The good news about our muscles is that they always adapt! The bad news about our muscles is that they always adapt!

If we don’t keep changing the work, changing the demand, we will stop seeing progress. When it comes to working out, most people start a program on their own and see changes for about four to six weeks but then the adaptation sets in. Often, these well-intentioned folks will just keep doing the same thing but doing it for longer periods of time hoping that will get them the change they are after. Unfortunately, this is the most inefficient option for results. Over time it can even lead to imbalances and overuse injuries.

People become discouraged and quit. People settle for where they are, believing that they just don’t have the genetics to go further.  People will invest hours researching fitness online, trying fads, listening to internet gurus who forget to mention their plastic surgery or enhancement drugs.  People have monthly payments coming out of their bank accounts but  they stay the same.

Ninety five percent of our clients came to us after experiences like the ones described above. They are hard workers who just needed a little support to succeed. They just needed freedom from the conflicting information and negative comparisons. Here at More Strength & Fitness, our Trainers are experts at writing workouts that result in positive changes! We take the stress out of trying to figure out how much of each ingredient you need to bake success! We tell our clients to just show up and move – we’ve done the “heavy lifting” of figuring it all out for you! And we have hundreds of success stories! Hundreds of clients who were able to change!

We would love to talk with you about helping you be stronger and more fit! We don’t mind questions! We don’t mind if you’re not even sure this is for you! Sign up for your free, no obligation consultation here!