Steve, 66 and Mary L, 69

My wife and I are both retired and found we were gaining weight we didn’t need/like, and we both knew we needed to get serious about losing weight and getting in shape. I’m 66 and she is 69, but we like to think we’re a “young” 66 and 69. 🙂

We joined the MWCC Fitness and Wellness center and it was the first time we had been in a gym in a long time. All the weight machines and cardio exercise machines are intimidating and how do you know what to do and where to start. I also had some medical issues that needed to be taken into consideration, with one total knee replacement, and a problematic left knee that I had meniscus surgery on last summer and I had major shoulder surgery with lots of damage on one of my shoulders. So we signed up through the Fitness Center and filled out their questionnaire and they assigned us to work with Sarah. We started end of March, and it is now End of May. We have had 4 semi-private sessions with Sarah and will do one more next week. We are so impressed we will work on mapping out ongoing consulting with Sarah as we continue our fitness journey.

Sarah spent significant time interviewing us personally. We discussed out goals, time we would likely spend, (we go Monday/Wednesdays and Fridays each week and we usually go four about 2 hours. Most of that time is working withthe weight machines, and then 1/2 hour on the treadmill for a brisk walk. I have lost 15 pounds and am able to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for a few years. My wife is doing similarly well, although she isn’t so obsessed with getting on the scale, but all her clothes fit better and she is doing great! I am so proud of her, she is in that weight room and I look around and there are very few women over 40, and she is doing great on the weights and on the treadmill. We are both excited about our progress so far, and a lot of that has been due to Sarah’s exercise regimen she got us started on and her encouragement for us to expand it.

One example of how she has made a major difference for me, is my left knee issues. I had meniscus surgery and afterwards I never really came back to be able to walk very well, never mind getting on a treadmill and doing 2 solid miles. Or walking in our neighborhood for a solid 3 miles. It just wasn’t possible. The doctors kept telling me to do “my exercises” which I did but with little effect. Sarah analyzed this and pointed me at the Adductor and the Abductor, to build my lateral muscles to support my knee. Two weeks with these exercises and I could feel the difference. I’m able to walk almost perfectly, without pain! Great way to lose weight!

I’m really looking forward to our next 6 months. I am 2 lbs away from reaching my first goal weight, and now I am going to adjust that down another 12 pounds. We are looking forward to building excellent strength and get to our ideal weights. I didn’t ski last year but can’t wait to hit the slopes and Mt. WaWa and up north so I’m working on developing great leg and core strength. Might even buy new ski boots! Oh boy! New bling!!

Sarah is great!