Sean G, 40

Prior to starting with Nancy, I went to the gym 3-5 times a week and mostly did group classes (spinning, power, insanity) and some time in the weight room. I also did some cycling in the warmer months and tried swimming for a while. I initially joined Nancy’s class to try something different and get off a fitness level “plateau”. My goals from Nancy’s class are primarily to get stronger, tone up and exercise all muscle groups. I have felt better, stronger and my BMI has decreased since starting.

Nancy is by far the most experienced and professional trainer I have known. During each class she is constantly teaching proper framing and technique, education that doesn’t compare to what I’ve seen in other group classes. Training programs are well designed and change as soon as your body starts getting accustomed to it. Nancy motivates everyone in class regardless of their fitness level. Her personality breeds a synergy not found in any other group class I’ve been in. Her motivation and experience reminds me of trainers seen on reality television shows such as the biggest loser.

Customer service is clearly the Trainer’s primary objective. Nancy goes above and beyond to ensure happy clients. Classes are well worth the price. You receive high-level, efficient, individualized attention within a small group format. The proof is in the progress.