Nick D, 27

Being in athletics all my life, I have never been in a situation where I wanted to do something but my body or mind wouldn’t allow it. That was until I tore my ACL and meniscus in a colligate rugby match.  I was just coming out of a left knee reconstructive surgery when I started working with Nancy. At the time I was an experienced lifter, or so I thought.

Post surgery, simple activities like jumping, side stepping, and any lateral movements felt like a daunting task because those were the movements which caused the injury in the first place. With Nancy’s help and motivation, I was able to overcome the fear of getting injured again and I got back to where I was (physically) before the injury, and then some. While focusing on functional movements, core strength, Olympic lifts, power and agility workouts, with the main theme of injury prevention, I was looking great and feeling better than ever before.

Nancy is much more than a trainer. She can measure up against any strength and conditioning coach out there. What’s amazing is that she can look at any individual and systematically diagnose any muscular imbalances or asymmetry they may have, and then fix those pragmatic areas. With her help, one year after surgery, I entered the Massachusetts Municipal Police Academy and was able to compete at the highest level again; with even more confidence and knowledge in physical training.

To the experienced weightlifters and athletes out there, do yourself and your body a favor and learn from the best in the business. If it weren’t for Nancy, I would not be the person I am today.