May 14, 2017

How do you define the word “limit?” What about “obstacle?”

I believe these words are complete opposites. A limit is an absolute. It can be a number like a distance, a time, or the speed of sound. It can be physical, as in a Range of Motion or an ability. It can never be changed. It can never be exceeded. Once it is reached, there is not one thing beyond it. It may be worked around, but can never be moved or minimized or manipulated. On the other hand, an obstacle is MEANT to be overcome. Whether the obstacle changes or the person achieving it changes, it is not only possible but NECESSARY to move past it to a future goal.

This is such an important distinction to make!!

Very few true limits exist. In my experience, about 99.9% of the time, a person will dismiss an opportunity because it looks like a limit. It’s scary, or it’s gigantic, or it seems like your best effort will be a waste of time. BUT IT’S ONLY AN OBSTACLE.

Life gives us hundreds of thousands of obstacles! Maybe it’s time, or maybe it’s injury. It could be mental or physical, long term or short term. It might even require a skill you don’t possess yet, but it exists TO BE UNDONE.

Look at the obstacle races that are so popular right now! They intentionally change the course at every event. They make each obstacle look huge, or add some fire so you’ll feel the heat, or play on your fear of heights. And yet it’s all an illusion. It may be a bump or you may need to change your angle of attack 101 times, but it can be done. And it MUST be done, so the race can be finished.

If you are staring down your next obstacle, don’t you dare give it power by calling it a limit. Get to work. Look at it from every possible angle. If you can’t pry out the loose stones, use them to climb up it. I double dog dare you to tear the thing down.