March 16, 2017

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” –Abraham Lincoln

I cannot stress enough the importance of PREPARATION! If the body is not ready, it can’t be as effective.

Yes, this applies to warmups. Imagine what would happen if a construction company built you an entire house without first pouring a concrete foundation & said “Do you really need a basement? We’re not going to waste time building a room you’re not even going to live in.” Would you want to live in that house? Would you feel safe putting your family to sleep in a home where the walls could collapse at any moment? But we think warmups are wasting our time. Giving the body a hint of the movements you’ll be trying in your workout gives you a solid foundation. It prevents injuries & gives you more strength & power. Isn’t that peace of mind worth the extra 5 minutes?

This concept applies to mental preparation. If you’re training for an event, like an obstacle race or a powerlifting tournament, or even a pick- up game of basketball, the amount you have prepared will show in your performance. What happens in that last mile when the energy level is running on empty? How will your breathing help you go farther & faster? Did you plan for difficulty along the way? Is your left hand as ready as your right? By planning ahead, you’re setting yourself up for success!

It also applies to proper body positioning on strength training movements. If the feet aren’t set properly, the squats will be less powerful & more uneven. If the core & hips aren’t locked into position, the pushup or bench press lose most of the pec muscle recruitment. Your muscles can’t get strong as fast if the area you’re trying to work gets help from 10 other body parts.

Your body misses out if it’s not prepared! You can’t get your body to work in sync without some thought and purpose. Take the extra time! Be excellent. I promise you, that time is not wasted.