April 23, 2017

“You’re going to be good at the things you give the most attention to- the things you repeat. Your habits, then, are the breeding ground for the things you’ll later call talents.“  -Mindy Bos

When people feel insecure they say they can’t do things. They think it’s a talent they don’t or can’t possess. Some even think they could never do it. “I’m not a runner.” “I can’t lift heavy weights- I have no upper body strength.” “I have a bad back.”

These people miss out on some of the AMAZING things their body can do! Yes, you will have limits. No, you won’t do it the same way as your spouse or your neighbor. BUT EVERY ATTEMPT is creating a habit, and those habits become a breeding ground for the talents you never knew you had!

Discover something awesome about yourself today. Go out and explore the boundaries your mind has put on your body. What have you always wanted to do but thought you never could? Try it! Put it in your regular schedule. Make it your habit. When you do, your body will reward you with a whole new set of talents & a positive sense of self.