Performance Training

Many of our clients are experienced athletes with performance based goals. The already have achieved a measure of success in their arena and come to us because they want to accomplish even more! Some of them are dealing with aches and pains associated with muscle imbalances and overuse. They are power lifters, obstacle racers, triathletes, adventurers, runners, cyclists, high school and college athletes and anyone who is strong and symmetrical enough to work to the full extent of their individual performance capacity.

Our Trainers write advanced and efficient multi-planemulti-plane movement definition: Human movement is described as three "planes": Frontal Plane - This plane separates the body into "front and back" and involves movements that occur laterally. Sagittal Plane - This plane separates the body into "right and left" and involves movements of the body forward and backward. Transverse Plane - This plane separates the body into "top and bottom" and involves rotational movements. workouts that are periodizedPeriodized workout definition: A form or resistance training relying on the strategic implementation of specific training phases with pre-programmed exercise and intensity variation for maximum results. for your individual performance timelines. Workouts include Olympic and functional strength training, SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness), plyometrics, explosive work, rotational training and client specific exercises. Mobility training is built into this intensified programming. These workouts are no joke- you will develop technique and an in-depth understanding of your own potential.

We prepare our athletes for the mental and physical challenges of competing at the highest level. Our emphasis on injury prevention sets us apart and our ongoing assessment and evaluation will enable you to go further, to go faster and to keep doing what you love!

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