Nancy Williams

Nancy Bio PictureNancy Williams is a certified functional strength coach with over twenty five years of experience as a trainer and group exercise instructor. Her talent for movement analysis helps clients overcome training plateaus, uncertainty or injuries, and discover their own maximum potential. She finds and corrects muscle imbalances quickly with specific movement cues and her analogies have a way of sticking in each client’s mind for many workouts to come. Whether beginner or advanced, she makes sure every client sees themselves in a new and positive light.

Nancy is known for her dynamic and positive teaching style- she creates a non-competitive environment that lends itself to individual achievement. Her extensive exercise science knowledge has drawn sport teams and professional athletes from all over New England, and she has educated, trained and inspired dozens of fitness professionals who have gone on to achieve their own success.

Sara Guerard

Sara Bio PictureSara Guerard is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, fitness expert and motivational speaker. For over ten years she’s empowered clients of all ages and abilities to make significant improvements in their health using the fastest & most effective fitness routines. Combining cutting-edge exercise science and easy-to-follow strategies, Sara’s advice is highly sought after by doctors, college professors, TV personalities and internet celebrities. She has been featured on radio and television broadcasts, expert nutrition panels, and is a regular guest lecturer in many college classrooms.

Sara has received several awards, including being named Celebrity Trainer by Besty Fitness in 2015 and is a two time finalist in the Worcester Telegram’s “Best Of Central Massachusetts” Personal Trainer category (2016 & 2017).