Individual Training Sessions

People choose to meet with our Trainers for individual sessions for many reasons and every one-on-one workout plan is tailor made for each client according to their individual goals. Some have been trying for years to make exercise a part of their schedule and are looking for accountability so it will become a habit.  Some have never really worked out – they are  concerned about their safety and are looking for the expertise of someone they can trust. Some have been working out forever but stopped seeing improvements and are still not where they want to be. Some workout and are in good shape and have set a goal to participate in a race, mud run, bike ride or other special event and need to prepare. Some are high level athletes who want to be their best or want to work in the off-season to maintain their level of fitness by introducing specific cross-training that compliments their sport. We have a long history of training people of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels and we’re good at it.

We start by reviewing your health history and past exercise experience and we do a movement assessment to determine where to start. This enables us to map out the best plan to comprehensively improve your level of strength and fitness. Over sixty percent of our clients come to us with old injuries or muscular imbalances that require special consideration so we include range of movement/rehabilitative exercise into all of our programming. We help people in pain feel better and we prevent injuries for our healthy participants. We combine traditional strength training with functional training, core work and agility training. In addition to barbells and weights, we use bands, medicine balls, ropes, and other equipment to eliminate the imbalances that cause shoulder, back, hip or knee pain.  Our Trainers are experts who will explain the “why” behind exercise choices because we know that the more our client understands the science, the further we can go. We make our individual sessions convenient – our clients have the flexibility to train around their availability and have the freedom to make their own training schedule.

Our clients get stronger and feel better. Our clients learn the most effective way to work out. Our clients experience the fruit of specific work and the sense of accomplishment that goes with it.  How can we assist you in reaching your goals?

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