Group Training Classes

Our group training classes are non-competitive, whole-body, circuit workouts based on the same science of adaptation at the heart of our one-on-one training sessions. You will exercise with people of all ages and ability levels each working up to their own safe maximum!  Clients workout under the supervision of a Trainer who will explain the exercises for that day to them, offer exercise modifications that suit each person best and give specific feedback to ensure that every individual changes. We strengthen every part of the body by changing the focus of the workout in each class to include pushing, legs or pulling. We include restorative and rehabilitative movements in every class as well as balance and agility training.

Everyone trains at their own pace. Everyone starts out slowly and does more as they get stronger. Everyone can take a break at anytime and get back to work after a breather – it’s how progress is made! Every hard worker in the room has been a beginner and every month, when the workouts change, everyone is still a student learning more.  This is the beauty of our team. We are all getting better. We are all becoming more!