Empowerment Through Education

Today’s “Information Age” leads to a lot of confusion for people who want to become stronger and more fit – there are so many conflicting opinions and tons of lofty data out there! It’s like the old fable about The Emperor’s New Clothes – people can spend a lot of time and energy chasing the latest fitness trends and not really end up with anything that benefits them long term!

A wise man once differentiated between giving someone a fish to eat or teaching them to fish. If you give someone a fish you will get them through a day. If we teach someone how to fish, they will be empowered to get through every day for the rest of their lives! Around here we are handing out fishing poles!

We don’t think it is enough to have people come in, make them sweat and send them home – that’s just a one day fix. Our commitment to our clients includes empowering them to understand their bodies and to have some foundational knowledge about the science of moving. This way they can partner with us in their training and move beyond the media confusion through education. In addition to our willingness to answer questions and have topical conversations we maintain a calendar of educational Seminars (open to our members and the public) on subjects that educate and inform. We bring in experts to speak on subjects that are compatible with our overall goals. We cut through the confusion and develop our client’s understanding of the best fitness practices. The confidence it creates looks good on them!

You can be part of our kind of personal development! See our Speaking Events Calendar below!

Speaking Event Calendar: (subject to change)

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